Our easy-to-use software helps operators and guests to gather and share hyper-personalized data. Improving ROI and LTV with each guest, our API webservice traffics guest intelligence across your dashboards, staff apps and more....

  • 01 How deep is your guest profile?
  • 02 Do you capture Day Guest insights for all people attending a wedding party?
  • 03 What are the GDPR rules, and am I at risk?

Why Rose Hospitality?

A real frustration we had with our own venues is, our properties, like yours, have so many guests moving through their restaurants, lounges and function spaces that we started to ask “who are these unknown customers and how do we offer them a great experience?”.  We started to ask ourselves "how do we gather guest intelligence before the guests arrive?" Knowing the 'Pescatarian' ahead of time, is important for that one guest. But preferences on wine or diet during Kitchen's planning meetings for an upcoming Event: can have a huge impact on efficiency of sourcing, reducing wastage on day of service, and, of course, delighting each guest too.

Which, if you’ve found us, may sound familiar?

Rose Hospitality has built a guest intelligence platform that gathers guest preferences and behaviours so we can insert relevant profile information into our staff app used by each department - Housekeeping, Kitchen, FOH, Maintenance and Gardens. Staff teams can access actionable guest insights that make a difference to their own job productivity and also enhance the guest's experience too.

Why Rose Hospitality?

PMS and CRS systems capture the Booking Guest identity; but not always the additional Sleepers sharing the same room.

What about Day Guests who don't even sleep onsite? People attending a large meeting or wedding event have dietary requirements too!

Rose Hospitality has developed effective ways to reach all people due onsite - to gather preferences on food, drinks, music, transport logistics and more; even before they arrive.

Unpacking preferences for guests attending Meetings and Events (M&E) delivers valuable insights and opportunities to grow the Revenue Per Available Person (REVPAP), beyond traditional metrics of  Revenue Per Available Room (REVPAR).

What do you know about all those guests turning up for a Day Event. Surely each guest deserves a digital relationship with your hotel venue - both before, during, and immediately after their visit - before they choose to opt-in, and positively stay in touch.

Why Rose Hospitality?

Hospitality software is capturing a mass of emails and mobile numbers. From wi-fi logins, imperfect PMS bookings, and deployed within the "legitimate GDPR window" where personal information is used to deliver a product or service: in this case visiting a venue.

After the event, personal data should be deleted, unless the guest individually "opts-in" to a service that declares it specific purpose of use at the point of opt-in.

How up-to-date are you in cleansing data from your systems, or recognising the GDPR status of guest profiles enriching your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) ?

At Rose Hospitality we supply "on demand" guest profiles straight to our staff apps. We have been building a Rose Hospitality API micro-service guest intelligence platform which audits date, time, venue, questions and answers by guest ID.

Some Venue IDs can cross-share information, others cannot.

What is clear is the penalty for getting GDPR wrong can be huge (upto 10% annual revenue fines). Privacy rules vary across the globe, and a guest's nationality impacts the jurisdiction of rules applied, not just the country in which they are visiting your venue.

Storing large amounts of stale guest profiles in your own database may be a risk too far. Rose Hospitality has a vision and solution for "guest intelligence" delivered "on demand" in real-time. We have used our own venues and operations to develop and test our systems, in our goal to be "Smarter By Design".

Lightning-fast insights at your fingertips



We are on a mission to deliver deeper guest profiles across a larger number of customers into your existing software using API web-services to keep your teams intelligent with hyper-personalized choices, direct from the customer, in real-time.


baseline_dashboard_pink_48dp Deeper Profiles Dietary Requirements and Allergens are the regulatory basics. But a room set-up just right does make a guest more impressed than a cheap discount. Feed the love of hospitality in your staff team, to personalise with care and drive the guest's experience. Read More baseline_trending_up_pink_48dp More Profiles Loyalty profiles can be stale, simple, and capture often a minority of overnight booking guests. Grow your profile volume beyond the Bookers, to other Sleepers, and Day Guests attending function events. Gather 'local' event answers from the guests themselves. Read More baseline_schedule_pink_48dp Global & Local Data

Global profile data is collected across venues with 'local' answers for every planned Meetings and Events (M&E). Collect answers from each guest before they arrive, so your team has time to plan, drive down F&B wastage, and drive-up pre-arrival revenues.

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baseline_supervisor_account_pink_48dp Know your Guests Summary guest profiles at your teams fingertips. Preferences for the beach bungalow, are different from the ski resort: for bedroom set-up, favourite drinks, music and more.... Use our KITE (Keep IT Exceptional) questions to reflect the vibe and tone of voice of each venue. Read More baseline_shopping_basket_pink_48dp Conditional Logic Collecting answers to questions from each guest must be fun. Filling the profile basket requires conditional logic so secondary questions drive a digital conversation with each guest. Profiles accrue over time, with 'global' and 'local' Q&A shared across venues. Read More baseline_settings_pink_48dp GDPR LOGIC Guests own their answers. Sharing answers from one venue to another requires GDPR privacy audit trails declaring use of data beyond "legitimate use" of delivering a stay or meal. Guests curate their own answers and see where these answers are placed or shared. Read More

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When we say we ‘live, breathe and understand hospitality’… we really do. We have hands on operational responsibility for live hospitality venues and built our platform to identify guest intelligence opportunities.

John Snyder, our founder, sold his Grapeshot contextual data software company to Oracle Corporation in 2018. Grapeshot's lead investor repaid its whole venture capital fund 'twice over' with proceeds from the exit: called a "double dragon" - this is a rarer breed than the tech "unicorn". Average investor return was 15X. Grapeshot sold data in 148 countries, more than 2 million times a second.

Rose Hospitality is his next push on context and getting guest intelligence right, for the hospitality industry, at scale.

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Hospitality has always been about delighting the customer. Post-it notes and curiosity always combined to give non-technical staff shared insight on VIP guests. Staff, when given the time and tools, have always intrinsically obsessed with the needs of each and every guest in-the-house.

Today the digital transformation of the hospitality sector demands that operators and staff lean-in and get the systems and intelligence they can actually work with - not something stuffed in a database and not accessible in the natural flow of any hospitality veteran - who loves the customer contact, may be time poor, yet respects any intelligence they can access easily and put to work for the guest's better experience.

Duncan Cameron, our founding Operations Director is a vastly experienced hospitality operator, consultant, mentor, multi-industry senior manager and analyst. His extensive experience consulting at over 2000 properties across resorts, hotels, and restaurants has enabled a deep understanding of the hospitality industry. 

Coming from operating and managing groups of hotels, inspecting Marriott hotels on both sides of the Atlantic, and building teams of operators to drive business value, we know what good hospitality should look like at all times.



Design is everything in modern technology and hospitality.

Information must not just be in a database somewhere, but accessible, in that moment, for a staff member to get a specific job done.

Making use of profile data has to be designed well: to be easy, fun and convenient to both collect, and, to be used by a staff member to create an additional economic or experiential impact.

Also there is no point designing things just for the back-office. Most Housekeeper, Maintenance, Kitchen, FOH staff are constantly on the move. Armed with smartphones or mini-iPads, they have one hand, one finger, and indeed just one moment in which to make decisions. So the in-view profile information has to be relevant to their job function, specific tasks and SOPs, in that moment.

The same goes for designing the logic of data. How can everyday workers see information easily, when the data within the database is so deep and complex. No-one likes a long list - information should be ranked and curated for the task in hand: for the job to be done!

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Words convey vibe, tone of voice, atmosphere. Surveys are boring. Questions have to be exciting. And database fields just plain boring.

The art of conversation sits parallel with the art of hospitality. How to inflect, deflect and command the right language for the right situation.

Here in lies the craft of Rose Hospitality. To begin the relationship with the pre-arrival customer using words, phrases and seqways, with conditional logic, so the art is more conversation and fun that form filling.



APIs are the modern way to write software, allowing us to embed functionality into each others software interfaces. Google Maps and Eventbrite for example, each offer rich functionality within other companies' interfaces, much like a modern website does, rendering the outputs of tens or more API calls from third-party micro-services, in real-time.

In contextual advertising we had to deliver API answers in 10 milliseconds, as the whole ad-auction process lasted 50 milliseconds, in the blink of an eye, as each consumer loaded their chosen web page. On one system system alone we did 100 billion API calls per day.

Imagine FOH loading a guest booking, or Kitchens reviewing next week's Big Event. Deeper, broader profiles need to fill their PMS or staff app screen, like a web page, to provide the salient guest intelligence, in real-time. Context is everything, and there is no point making the staff having to hunt down manually any pre-typed profile data stored somewhere on the intranet. Guest intelligence needs to be in the moment: smarter and in real-time.

Imagine Front Desk reviewing a guest booking, or Kitchens planning next week's functions and events. Deeper, broader profiles need to fill their PMS or staff app screen, like a web page, to provide the salient guest intelligence, in real-time. Context is everything, and there is no point making the staff having to hunt down manually any pre-typed profile data stored somewhere on the intranet. Guest intelligence needs to be in the moment: smarter and in real-time.

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We think storing stale and static profile data in multiple databases inside an organisation is a burden on time, cost and resources - when post-GDPR power lies increasingly with the consumer. A super light, fresh and shared profile API micro-service can be embedded within existing PMS stacks, staff apps and dashboards, to provide a GDPR and privacy compliant tool. With answers given by consumers to global and custom questions - whether to support staff intelligence during "legitimate use" during time-bound windows of use, or via "opt in" segmentation for CRM marketing campaigns. All from one main guest intelligence platform: centrally, globally, just like our last company Grapeshot did for contextual advertising a decade ago.



Cloud services are becoming mainstream as maintenance, monitoring and scale-up/scale-down decisions take operations off-site - with benefits of cheaper operational costs, better redundancy and End of Service (EOS) resilience planning, and relying on service providers to invest in shared stacks and infrastructures.

This is precisely the opportunity for Guest Intelligence. 

A guest has a ski-ing accident, so their hospitality needs immediately change: "room closer to the elevator please!" The housing of stale and duplicate profiles needs to be eradicated from costly internal systems - and centralised global web services, focused just on guest profile data services and no more, should reduce cost of ownership, provide  more current guest intelligence and deploy industry-shared mechanisms for easily segmenting audiences based on sets of preferences, both hard and soft, global or local, for opted-in CRM communications (newsletters, upsells, promotions post-departure).

Rose Hospitality is accruing guest intelligence and building deeper guest profiles over time and opting-in consumers beyond the "legitimate use' window by venue ID. This means consumer opt-outs are defined by "who" asked the question (ie the venue), and not by the guest's own answer (which the consumer owns and controls already).

Learn about designing guest intelligence into your workflows

If you have questions about your existing software investments, and how to layer in guest intelligence - smarter by design - then we would be happy to talk and walk through any thoughts, needs and questions you may have about the modern software systems available to our hospitality sector today.